20th Integreat Conference in Augsburg

1. October 2020

Once a quarter we organise an internal Integreat conference. This brings together all full-time and voluntary employees. We work directly on the strategic orientation of the Integreat platform. At the same time the different teams network with each other.

Normally the conference takes place at the TU Munich. This time, however, we have chosen Augsburg. Here we were able to take the Corona guidelines into account more effectively. With a great deal of distance and ventilation rules, we discussed, among other things, goals and milestones for the next six months.

Research was not neglected either. As a social enterprise, impact measurement and research are two essential elements for us. They are the only way we can directly demonstrate the impact of our digital platform.

Apart from the work, the Integreat conference is also a regular team-building measure for us. No matter where we work on Integreat, everyone always comes together at the conferences.

Therefore we are already looking forward to the next one!