Multilingualism Made Easy: Translations in Integreat

17. August 2020

One of the greatest added values in Integreat is the easy to manage translations. Several options are available here for cities and administrative districts to maintain and publish Integreat in as many foreign languages as desired. An intelligent translation management is available so that the effort for the municipalities does not increase propotionally. Thus the system independently remembers which contents have changed since the last update of the translations and, in addition, offers standardised interfaces to translation agencies. The classic “copy+paste” for working with translations is thus no longer necessary and translations can be uploaded and formatted and imported with just one click.

In this blog article, we will highlight the three options available to each municipality for each language in order to get the right translations. Working with your own translators*, working with machine translations and working with a professional translation agency. In the first two options, the city or district only has to deal with the organisational work, but no costs. On the other hand, costs can be saved with a professional translation agency, as sentences and content from other municipalities that have already been translated in the last 5 years can be credited with up to 100% discount on the translation costs per word.

If a municipality has its own translators or the Integreat project team on site has specific language skills, individual pages in the Integreat editorial system can be easily translated. For this purpose, our editorial system contains a so-called “split-screen” view, on the left side of which the source text is displayed and on the right side of which the target text can be formulated. When the translation for a page is complete, it can be saved and published immediately.

Alternatively, we offer machine translation services for which we use the services of DeepL (, which can provide us with quality translations for 8 European languages. There are no costs for the city or district, as these are already covered by the cooperation agreement.

The third option is to use professional translation agencies or translators that the city or district purchases. This process is supported by Integreat from two sides: on the one hand, we provide a translation memory (a large database with already translated sentences from other cities) to which the translation agencies have/will have access and which leads to corresponding discounts in the offer.

Even though translation management is a complex undertaking in itself, it is not a great effort for the cities and districts and the Integreat project team on site. Supported by our team and with the help of digital aids and the experience of 5 years of Integreat in over 70 cities, we ensure that multilingualism – no matter how many languages are involved – becomes a very easy task.