Symposium „The Future of Migration Counselling in Social Media“

30. September 2019

Why is „digital streetwork“ needed in migration counselling? At the beginning of the month we exchanged views with actors from the field of migration counselling in Berlin about the prerequisites for a successful presence and integration work in social media. The fact is: without Facebook, unfortunately, almost nothing is possible and therefore data protection is always a delicate and often overlooked fact. Nevertheless, first pilot projects have been undertaken to show how referral advice or online presences of advice centres can act even better in the communication space of those seeking advice. It is clear that digitisation does not stop at counselling situations and that the social sector must find the necessary solutions in order to function efficiently and in a target-group-oriented manner. In addition to digital competence, many counselling centres also lack the courage to implement new approaches in everyday counselling. We also know from the Integreat project that a comprehensible preparation of digital measures is the be-all and end-all when it comes to acceptance and data protection compliant use. We are curious to see how the sector will change in this direction in the next 3-5 years and offer existing organisations help with implementation and initial consultation through our non-profit supporting organisation, Tür an Tür – Digital Favtory.