The 10th Conference of the Integreat Team (IXK)

4. März 2018

Two days, 8 workshops, 14 people, one app. Last Friday and Saturday we invited again to the Integreat developer conference in Garching near Munich. The main topics of the so-called IXK (10th Integreat Conference) were data protection, server infrastructure, impact and organizational development. Within the framework of the new EU data protection regulation (EU-DSGVO), but also with regard to increasing performance requirements, we have moved with the Integreat platform to a professional computer center.

Functions and innovations were also discussed and decided upon. For example, a feedback function and an offline map are now being implemented with high priority and in close cooperation with refugees and local authorities. In addition, the revision and release process is to be revised and a tool for quality assurance of content and links embedded.