5 Integreat Features Cities & Counties Should Know About

18. May 2022
5 Integreat Funktionen für Städte und Landkreise

Are you already using Integreat successfully in your city or county? If so, you’re probably familiar with the many ways Integreat helps you deliver content as quickly and easily as possible. But maybe there’s a new feature or two for you, too. For those of you who haven’t used Integreat before, the following five features are guaranteed to excite you. You should know these 5 Integreat functions:

1. Individual Statistics Report in the Editorial System

In Integreat, we provide you with useful statistics to track the views of the platform in your city or county. Did you know that you can view and export the statistics yourself in the editorial system? From this, you can see, for example, how often the content in your region is downloaded. In addition, you can also see

  • on which days of the week the app is preferably used,
  • which languages are selected, and
  • whether usage figures are increasing or decreasing.

For example, you can also select your own time periods and display modes (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) in the system and export the individual reports as table or image files.

2. Cross-Regional Search Function

You may sometimes wonder what other cities and counties write about a specific topic. What technical terms do they explain? Which external pages do they link to?

You may sometimes wonder what other cities and counties write about a specific topic. What technical terms do they explain? Which external pages do they link to? This is exactly where the cross-regional search function supported by Google can help you. Here you can search for specific keywords and receive as a result all texts that other cities and counties have already written on this topic. This not only saves time and effort but also helps all cities and districts that use Integreat in their integration work. It is thus an important research tool for all participating partners.

Go to cross-regional search function.

3. News Function

Since February 2021, you can use the news function to post short-lived news items in Integreat. These will then appear under the “Messages” menu item and will be visible for 28 days. In addition, a push notification will be sent to the following users:

  • Everyone who has the smartphone app installed and
  • have agreed to receive push notifications when they first launch.

The messaging feature is particularly useful for short-term information that you want to share as quickly as possible.

More information about the news function

4. Embedding Integrate on Your Website

There is a possibility to embed the Integreat platform on your website. This allows visitors to navigate directly through the Integreat content on your website. To do this, you need to integrate your Integreat app into your municipal website as a so-called inline frame (iFrame for short). You can’t imagine that concretely yet?

Here’s a well-known example: many websites integrate YouTube videos into their website using iFrames. This way, the YouTube player can be seen on the website without users having to open the YouTube website separately.

More information about embedding Integreat on your website

5. Reveal Broken Links

You may be linking to other websites within Integrate and thus including external links. This is the case, for example, if you link to your own website, the BAMF, or similar institutions. From time to time, these links may change. As a result, every person who clicks on the link receives an error message. This is very frustrating if you are hoping to get helpful information from the link.

The link checker in Integreat helps you automatically detect broken links. You can then correct these faulty links centrally via a list and replace them with a new link. This useful function must be activated once for your Integreat system. In addition, if you wish, we can also create an automated e-mail service that will notify you once a month if there are any broken links.

We hope that these useful features will help you and support you in your daily use of the Integreat app. In addition, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your Integreat contact person.