At Integreat, many creative minds work together across Germany and try to use technology to make the world a little better. Our goal is to break down information poverty and language barriers. We work as a voluntary organisation in a non-profit and impact-oriented framework. We have 2/3 programmers working alongside their work/studies/self-employment and 1/3 communication talents, design professionals and intercultural experts. There are co-working spaces in two locations: Augsburg and Berlin, but we also welcome your commitment outside of these regions. We exchange ideas in at least weekly calls and are otherwise in constant digital contact. In addition, we all meet at regular Integreat conferences in Munich to discuss current goals and tasks. Anyone can join us, as long as you are motivated.

Our motto is: Just join in.


If you’re looking for paid opportunities rather than volunteer roles, check out Tür an Tür at our supporting organisation: