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Integreat Compass: Navigating Purposefully to the Right Offer

10. November 2023

Today, we are delighted to introduce an exciting addition to our tried-and-tested Integreat app: the Integreat Compass. This innovative platform has been developed over the past few months together with the Welcome Alliance to take cities and districts in Germany to the next level in promoting the integration of refugees and migrants. The starting point […]

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Integreat-Kompass – Bild

What can Integreat do? Advantages of our digital integration platform

25. October 2023

Today we take a look at four advantages that Integreat offers cities and counties. In recent years, the number of newcomers in Germany has been steadily increasing. Especially since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many refugees have arrived, which poses a number of challenges for many local authorities. The newcomers need support in […]

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Vorteile Integreat - Symbolbild

Push notifications in Integreat show impact

6. September 2023

Push notifications for Integreat play a crucial role in reaching users. An international research team from four institutes has been researching the impact of Integreat for two years. Among other things, they investigated the extent to which explicit references to content in Integreat can lead to people using Integreat more regularly. Push notifications sent to […]

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Integreat for Reception Facilities and Camp-Like Settings

16. August 2023

When we launched Integreat, initial reception centres for asylum seekers were not yet our focus. Eight years ago, the stay in the initial reception centres lasted only days or a few weeks before the refugees arrived in the municipalities. In Augsburg, the major challenge was to reach all refugees who were housed decentrally in the […]

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Digital Housing and Homelessness Support with the “Network Homelessness & Housing” (Netzwerk Obdach & Wohnen)

2. August 2023

Netzwerk Obdach & Wohnen is the new digital tool for preventing homelessness and helping homeless people. This digital homelessness service works like Integreat and shares the same technology that has been tried and tested for eight years. The new platform aims to bring together all relevant information for homeless people and people in housing emergencies […]

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Screenshots aus der Web-App "Netzwerk Obdach & Wohnen" für die digitale Wohnungslosenhilfe

Integreat Community for a strong voice of newcomers

26. July 2023

We are starting to build an Integreat community. The Integreat community is intended to capture and bundle the voices of newcomers. We hope for constant impulses for the further development of Integreat in the sense of our target group. At the same time, we would like feedback on the current status of our app and […]

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So soll der Austausch mit der Integreat-Community auch einmal stattfinden: Integreat-Mitarbeitende sitzen an Tischen mit Neuzugewanderten und sprechen über die Integreat-App

The 30th Integreat Conference in Augsburg

7. June 2023

“Integreat Conference” is called four times a year. How can we support integration digitally, what are the next steps we want to take with Integreat. For the second time this year and for the 30th time in total, our whole team came together to plan the coming months together on site. We would like to […]

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The picture shows the team members at the Integreat conference standing in the sun in front of Augsburg University of Applied Sciences.

Regional Network Meetings – Insights into Digital Integration Work in Municipalities

21. April 2023

Integreat connects 100 cities and districts in Germany and is one of the largest collaborative integration projects in Germany. Regional network meetings were held in six federal states to discuss current challenges and best practices in digital integration work. With the regional network meetings, we offer a breeding ground for cross-municipal cooperation and the bundling […]

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Integreat Logo und die Wappen von sieben Bundesländern

Translating with Artificial Intelligence at the Touch of a Button Now in Integreat

11. April 2023

The next leap in innovation on the Integreat platform through machine translation The Integreat platform stands out because information can be easily communicated to newcomers in multiple languages. Even when managing languages you don’t speak yourself, Integreat makes you feel safe. The Integreat team also assists with translations into the desired foreign languages. Translations using […]

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Ein Button mit der Aufschrift "Translate", auf den ein Finger klickt.

Integreat Visits the Bertelsmann Foundation

15. March 2023

How do you reach the people seeking protection from Ukraine with the right information and offers? How do you communicate with the host society? What possibilities do internet platforms, social media and websites offer? For all these important questions, exemplary answers were to be given at the online exchange for municipalities in relation to the […]

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Portrait von Daniel Kehne mit einem Screenshot aus seinem Vortrag bei der Bertelsmann Stiftung