Preparing and making information available digitally offers many advantages: Content can be easily adapted, there are no printing costs as is the case with brochures, for example, and many people can be involved in the process of creating the information. At the same time, the use of digital technologies remains a challenge. In the last 5 years, we have successfully implemented Integreat together with more than 60 cities and counties. Our experienced team supports the local implementation of the easy-to-use and stable technology that has grown over the years, so that no on-site IT know-how is needed to quickly and easily implement a secure integration platform for your region.

Overview of Functions

3-in-1 Application

Integreat is an app, website and brochure at the same time. The content can be accessed online and offline. Maintenance is done by the municipality itself and requires no IT know-how.


Our translation management offers you the possibility to offer Integreat in different languages. Translations from other municipalities are intelligently shared.

100% Open Source

Integreat is open source and free software. In addition to our standardised interfaces to two major job platforms, you can also connect your own services on your own.

Focus: Collaboration

As a cooperation partner of Integreat, we not only take care of the technical operation of the solution, but also create opportunities for exchange with other cities and districts.

Use Cases

Facilitating the Integration of Refugees

Refugees are particularly affected by a lack of information. Processes are complex, there are many contact persons and much depends on access to the most important services and information. Even though you can determine the target group of Integreat flexibly, Integreat is tailored to intercultural needs.

Counteracting the Shortage of Skilled Workers

Skilled labour migration represents an important opportunity for many German municipalities. If people find information about your region during their initial research in their country of origin, this can have a positive influence on their decision.

Service Offer for Immigrants in the Region

Integreat can be flexibly adapted to changes in the target group and the challenges of integration work. A lot of information is interesting for all people who are new to your city. Use Integreat to address different target groups in an inclusive way.

Create a collection of information for volunteers & counsellors

Community integration work is a complex field and information changes frequently. Volunteers and counsellors benefit from a central collection of information that is regularly updated and supplemented by experts.