A municipality wants to introduce Integreat: What is the process?

11. January 2022

How can we support refugees and migrants in finding their way in a new environment? This is a question many cities and districts are asking themselves. The answer is often Integreat. The app creates an opportunity to carry out digital integration work at low cost. It helps integration officers to do their work quickly and efficiently.

Here we go!

On average, a city or district needs about 22 weeks to introduce Integreat. They follow a proven 10-point plan. However, this is only a rough guide. Of course, the process is adapted to individual circumstances.

  1. The municipality determines all relevant, participating persons and institutions.

Afterwards, there is the possibility for a kick-off workshop together with the Integreat team. This enables a smooth implementation of the next steps.

  1. Stakeholders sift through locally relevant information. 
  2. The city or district creates an individual structure. This enables a clear presentation and facilitates implementation in the Integreat platform.  
  3. A formulation of the contents suitable for the target group takes place.  

A technical briefing is given by Integreat staff. The next steps deal with the topic of multilingualism.  

  1. The municipality makes the decision on the language offering. 
  2. Integreat helps with the planning for the translation. Translations can be done with professional translators, with our own translators or by machine. In the case of the machine, computer-assisted variant, proofreading is necessary. This can be done independently or by external experts.
  3. Contributors finalise the content in German.

This is followed by editorial feedback by experts from the Integreat team. This refers to form and structure. It also includes a final spell check.

  1. The translation of the texts by the chosen method from point 6 takes place.
  2. Your contact person at Integreat will provide you with marketing material. This will be used to promote your Integreat presence. Marketing should start at the same time as the local launch of the app, if possible.
  3. With the go-live, the regional content in Integreat will be activated for the users.

That’s it! The process is that simple. Even after you have started, Integreat is always there to help and advise you.

Why Integreat?

Every municipality can easily integrate its specific information into Integreat. This requires neither special prerequisites nor IT knowledge. Cities and counties can access content and translations among themselves at any time. Integreat supports multilingualism through a simple translation process. The contents of the app can be found in the different languages via search engines. The concept of open source and open data ensures sustainability and transparency. Integreat is a non-profit project and meanwhile market leader in the field of digital inclusion.

Not yet with Integreat?

Implementing Integreat for your city or district is simple. Integreat staff will be happy to support you every step of the way. They have accompanied the experience and the process many times. Would your municipality like to be involved, or do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us via e-mail (info@integreat-app.de) or the contact form (https://integreat-app.de/en/contact/)!