Integreat Compass: Navigating Purposefully to the Right Offer

10. November 2023
Integreat-Kompass – Bild

Today, we are delighted to introduce an exciting addition to our tried-and-tested Integreat app: the Integreat Compass. This innovative platform has been developed over the past few months together with the Welcome Alliance to take cities and districts in Germany to the next level in promoting the integration of refugees and migrants. The starting point for the development were several job centres that outlined a problem. This was then shaped through design thinking workshops into the solution provided by the Integreat Compass presented here.

However, the Integreat Compass is not just a supplement to the Integreat app. Rather, it is a complementary tool that further advances our mission of integration. There is currently no link between the two systems. However, this is planned for the future and is already part of the architecture.

What is the Integreat Compass?

The Integreat Compass is a web-based platform that helps cities and districts to record integration support and counselling services. It is a platform for creating a comprehensive overview of all relevant courses and counselling services that support refugees and migrants in their integration into local society. The Integreat Compass is user-friendly, up-to-date and customisable to meet the needs of each municipality.

How does the Integreat Compass differ from the Integreat-App?

While the Integreat-App continues to offer the optimal solution for individual and multilingual support and information for refugees and migrants, the Integreat Compass is specially tailored to the requirements of full-time counselling centres. It enables full-time counsellors to record their services at a service and course level and make them visible to other stakeholders. The Integreat Compass and the Integreat-App therefore complement each other perfectly. Together, they offer a comprehensive and holistic solution for integration at a local level. An interface is also to be created in the future. Selected offers from the Integreat Compass can then also be displayed in the Integreat-App in multiple languages and for specific target groups.

How do the contents get into the Integreat Compass?

With the Integreat app, you as a local authority have sovereignty over the content and maintain it yourself. Maintenance of the content in the Integreat compass is decentralised. However, you can appoint a committee of 1-6 people to approve offers and courses. Depending on individual quality assurance requirements.

The process in detail

Providers can report measures and offers and propose them for inclusion in the Integreat Compass. Depending on the region, a committee can be made up of different members and then decide on the inclusion of the offer by a simple majority. Of course, the approval process can also be simplified or omitted altogether. Consultants who are authorised for the internal area can then leave comments on the individual measures. These are either only visible internally or publicly.

Who can become a pilot partner of the Integreat Compass?

We would like to encourage all cities and districts to try out the Integreat Compass as a pilot partner. As a pilot partner, you will have the opportunity to test the platform for free and provide feedback to ensure that the Integreat Compass is a perfect fit for your needs. We believe in the power of collaboration and that the Integreat Compass can be a real asset to any local government in Germany. If you are interested in becoming a pilot partner of the Integreat Compass, please do not hesitate to contact us at Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and support you.

The Integreat Compass should and will always be able to function and be used independently of the Integreat app.

Further information

The technology behind the new platform is open source and therefore licence-free. We are already in dialogue with cities and districts that want to use the technology outside of the Integreat context and in a different design as a database for family services, educational services and support services. If you also see a use case in your municipality, please get in touch.