Scalability as a Decisive Success Factor

16. May 2019

In contrast to other solutions, Integreat has a local impact, but at the same time is almost infinitely scalable. The location of information for newcomers is so important because processes and responsibilities of institutions often differ within the same state, but more often within the county and local government. The accuracy and timeliness of the information is guaranteed by the fact that the content is provided by professional local actors. The Integreat team can thus concentrate on its strengths in further developing the platform and app, search engine optimisation, networking, integrating new functions and advising local authorities and districts.

Being and remaining scalable on a technical and organisational level has been a decisive success factor since the beginning of the Integreat project. To achieve a big effect in the reduction of information poverty with a relatively small team is only possible through the scalability of technology and the cooperation with municipal partners in the maintenance of content. At the same time, the Integreat team is also working on options for better collaboration and resource savings. Updating the Germany template with nationwide content for free use by all Integreat partners is an important step. The use of Open Source and Creative Commons licenses also makes an important contribution to scalability.