Our Team

The App Integreat, which started as a voluntary project and continuously builds on volunteer work, has grown strongly since its launch in 2015. Based on the community engagement approach, a large number of volunteers at Integreat are supported by a small number of full-time staff. While the majority of our team members are still studying, we can also draw on the professional experience of some of our supporters from the working world.
Here you can get to know our different tasks and the teams working on them!

Business & Organization

We are taking the role of the Jack of all trades at Integreat. We take care of the further development of our organization, ensure that the numbers are correct and that every member of the team can find his or her way around and contribute to the project. We also organize Integreat conferences and fun team events.

Research & Development

We are the development team behind Integreat and take care of the app, website, CMS and backend. In addition, we support other projects on the sidelines. It is important to us to use almost exclusively open source and modern technologies. In the backend, we rely on Linux servers and standard WordPress technology, while Xamarin is used for the app and React (Javascript) for the website. To support and plan the development we use Github, Trello and Jira.

Customer Relationship

Municipalities and cities are the most important partners for Integreat as they fill the app with expertise and locally relevant information. We want to support our partners to the best of our abilities and customer service is therefore an important part of our work. We also hope to spread the possibilities of the app by introducing Integreat to new districts and communities!

Design & Marketing

Design plays a particularly important role in the area of intercultural communication. We make sure that Integreat keeps an appealing and clear format for all target groups, develop material to spread the solution nationwide and support local communities with the announcement on site!

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