What can Integreat do? Advantages of our digital integration platform

25. October 2023
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Today we take a look at four advantages that Integreat offers cities and counties.

In recent years, the number of newcomers in Germany has been steadily increasing. Especially since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many refugees have arrived, which poses a number of challenges for many local authorities. The newcomers need support in finding their way around the neighbourhood, dealing with authorities, medical care and much more.

This is precisely where Integreat comes in, offering a low-threshold and accessible source of information for this group of people in the form of a digital integration platform.

However, funding is a particular challenge. This is why we discussed the benefits of Integreat in a barcamp format as part of the 100 municipalities celebration on 21 September 2023. When it comes to the introduction or further financing of Integreat, there are a number of arguments in favour.

Advantages of Integreat

The use of Integreat offers considerable advantages for integration work and relieves the administrative staff enormously. Below are 4 advantages that the app offers.

1. Strengthening cooperation between municipalities

There are usually many different services in the city or district that complement each other. If all integration-related services in the area are recorded in one tool, this facilitates the integration of new citizens right from the start. The establishment of the integration platform Integreat promotes the exchange between municipalities and the providers of integration services by collating these services. Everyone involved benefits from this. For example, the individual advice centres can access the collected information from anywhere and use it in counselling sessions. A measurement of effectiveness has already confirmed the positive effects.

2. Easy to use software

Integreat not only simplifies networking between local authorities. The software also supports internal collaboration. This means that the work involved in maintaining and updating content can be easily distributed among several stakeholders. Transparent structures and different user roles make this possible. Thanks to a high degree of flexibility, simple operation of the editorial system and real-time translations, time resources are ideally utilised. A lot of important information on how to use the system can be found in our online documentation.

3. Sensitive handling of data

Integreat is open source software. Public and private institutions are increasingly focussing on using as little data as possible, especially as data protection is a top priority in Germany. Integreat therefore only requests the most necessary data. The less data, the lower the maintenance effort and therefore the lower the energy requirement.

4. Low costs

Thanks to the open source approach and use in collaboration with other local authorities, the cost of using Integreat is extremely manageable. You can find an insight into our cost structures in an earlier blog post. Further potential cost savings can be generated by using AI for translations. Each municipality receives 50,000 words free of charge for the translation of events and locations. There is a low-cost translation package with 1,000,000 words for the translation of page information. The costs amount to around 10 % of a human translation.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about Integreat. Contact us using the contact form or send us an e-mail.