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About the project

Can we provide all the relevant information to incoming people in our city in their own language as quickly as possible – without permanent internet access and without confusing paper chaos? We asked ourselves this question, and along with the answer came Integreat, an application to provide all relevant information for incoming asylum seekers, communal and multilingual. Having started under the project title Refguide+, Integreat is now not only a signpost for the first 14 days after arrival but a holistic service ecosystem for cities, counties and initiatives for the integration of refugees or people with migration background.

Why a smartphone application? Most of all refugees have a smartphone, while almost none of them has a mobile data plan to access information from e.g. websites from outside of public hotspots. Especially during the first days, the app supports with addresses, tipps and advice regarding the usual procedures and next steps. But even during the following integration, possible over several years, there is up to date and dynamic information on local events and changes in the asylum system on site. Especially the local differences are a focus point of our solution.

Expense for the municipality/city? From our experience we know that no city is like the other. Nevertheless, we offer a basic structure within the app and the CMS that lays a foundation for the urban information. Only the locally-specific information have to be collected, and translated where necessary. It is also possible to organize a workshop, in order to incorporate all information in a short period of time.

Which platforms are we using? The maintenance of the contents is handled via the world’s most used content management system WordPress. It is intuitively usable and without extensive training. With this project website we adress cities and local authorities that want to use Integreat. In doing so, we provide our entire technology free of charge and offer assistance during the installation.

Contact: Get in touch and take a look at our live demo. We will gladly advise and support you during the introduction of the app to your community/city. Project Coordinator Integreat: Daniel Kehne

Check out our source code in the GitHub-repository:

Information for refugees

Provide local information for asylum seekers.



Offer multilingual content and let the user decide which language he prefers.


Service free of charge

Public benefit is of top priority for us. We set up the application without financial compensation.


Simple administration

With WordPress, we have an easy-to-use IT-system and will support you with the setup.


Collaborative local authority

Let other projects, counseling offices and local initiatives add to the content of the app.


Don’t start from zero

We initially deliver basic multilingual content with the setup already.

Our team

We are a research group of the department of information systems at the Technical University of Munich and students of the courses Finance and Information Management and Software Engineering. Together with local authorities from the Federal Republic, our goal is a free and high-quality technical solution to bring information within shortest time to refugees.

Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Inspirational Advisor
Dr. Manuel Wiesche
Project Advisor
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Our references

Together with you, we can provide a municipal information platform for refugees within a short time. We are already active in the following communities:

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