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Scalability as a Decisive Success Factor

16. May 2019

In contrast to other solutions, Integreat has a local impact, but at the same time is almost infinitely scalable. The location of information for newcomers is so important because processes and responsibilities of institutions often differ within the same state, but more often within the county and local government. The accuracy and timeliness of the […]

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Anniversary: 50 Municipalities Are Using Integreat!

7. May 2019

50 municipalities and counties in Germany now rely on the Integreat platform!  The 50 municipalities and districts use Integreat not only still for the information of refugees, but for the multilingual information of all newcomers. Professor Dr. Helmut Krcmar, owner of the chair for Information Systems and partner of Integreat, tock motivating stock with view […]

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From a Print Brochure to an Information App

2. May 2019

In addition to personal consultation, which in our opinion should and must always be a central component of the integration process, local authorities have always promoted the dissemination of local information and offers, above all through the writing and elaborate printing and distribution of printed materials. Once the printed materials had been printed, it would […]

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Integreat as a Common Digital Communication Space

25. April 2019

More than 68 million people are currently fleeing the world. According to estimates, 40 million of them seek protection in their own country. However, wars and persecution have deprived a large number of people of security in their homeland, forcing them to leave their homeland and seek shelter in a foreign country. The challenges that […]

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Information Poverty Leads to Inequality

11. April 2019

Our vision is to make information comprehensible, accessible and processable (“accessible”) for all people. According to current research, the marginalisation of people from other countries and cultures in society is often based on information poverty. The reduction of information poverty through solutions such as Integreat and the resulting equality in information access points represent important […]

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Central Knowledge Store: The Integreat Wiki

1. April 2019

The Integreat app makes local specific knowledge from the brains of consultants visible. Our Integreat Wiki takes over the same function for the knowledge in the brains of our Integreat team. At Integreat interested people, our municipal partners and our team can find all important information and tips about the operation, maintenance and further […]

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Impact Summary 2018 published

27. March 2019

Since the year it was founded, the Tür an Tür – Digital Factory has been publishing annual impact reports which show the activities, the use of resources and the resulting impact of the projects. The Integreat project plays a particularly large and important role in this. In order to give our supporters, partners and users […]

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Integreat dialogue forum with 22 municipalities

20. March 2019

32 Integreat administrators from 22 different municipalities were present at this year’s Integreat Dialogue Forum on the 15th of November in Nuremberg. The exchange between the municipalities was the centrepiece of the conference and was accompanied by some input from the Integreat team. “How can the app be updated in the best possible way?”, “How […]

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InteGREATing Has Never Been Easier

10. February 2019

Thanks to PeaceTech Lab from Washington D.C. to cover our story in your weekly newsletter. For everybody who isn’t yet subscried, we also have the full story here: Germany’s Road To Integreation Imagine moving to a new country where you don’t speak the local language – How do you contact the immigration office? How do […]

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Winner at Techfugees Global Summit

23. January 2019

As one of the few German projects we were on stage at the Techfugees Global Summit 2018. We were the only German team to take home a prize: The 1st place in the category “Access to Rights & Information”. After several jury rounds, the winners of the Techfugees Global Challenge competition were announced at Station […]

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