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5 Integreat Features Cities & Counties Should Know About

18. May 2022

Are you already using Integreat successfully in your city or county? If so, you’re probably familiar with the many ways Integreat helps you deliver content as quickly and easily as possible. But maybe there’s a new feature or two for you, too. For those of you who haven’t used Integreat before, the following five features […]

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5 Integreat Funktionen für Städte und Landkreise

A municipality wants to introduce Integreat: What is the process?

11. January 2022

How can we support refugees and migrants in finding their way in a new environment? This is a question many cities and districts are asking themselves. The answer is often Integreat. The app creates an opportunity to carry out digital integration work at low cost. It helps integration officers to do their work quickly and […]

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Integreat Year in Review 2021

28. December 2021

Another year draws to a close. Take a look back with us at what has been achieved and the highlights of 2021.  Cooperation with Municipalities We started the year with 63 partner municipalities and 63 cooperation agreements. We were able to increase both, so that Integreat is currently in use in 68 cities and districts […]

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New Function Increases the Trust Level of Integreat

6. August 2020

Thousands and thousands of pieces of information buzz through the Internet every day. Some of this information is in the form of well-prepared news and reports. On the other hand, we can just as quickly find so-called “fake news”, conspiracy theories or simply badly researched information. The trust in digital information suffers most from this. […]

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International: Integreat at the ChangeNOW Summit

5. March 2020

The impact of Integreat, which is now being unfolded in 60 cities and counties in Germany, does not remain hidden. Therefore Integreat was invited in February to the ChangeNOW Summit in Paris to speak about the 4-year development and its future plans. The fact that this discussion took place on the largest stage in the […]

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The new Integreat-App is here!

23. January 2020

After months of development the new Integreat app is coming to the stores this week. In both the AppStore (iOS) and the PlayStore (Android) users will find he probably biggest update since the beginning of our project. From now on, the Integreat app will be based on the React framework, which will not only make […]

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Impulses for Tunisia

12. December 2019

At the beginning of the month, we gave a presentation to labour directors and IT experts from the Tunisian employment agency on our project and on the role of digitisation in public authorities and social structures in general. At the invitation of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) we were guests in Nuremberg and […]

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Expansion to Australia

20. November 2019

Integreat expands internationally. Fairfield, a suburb of Sydney, is planning to launch Integreat in 2020 and together with the team from CORE Community Services and the local university UNSW, we have already spent two weeks on site setting up Integreat. The Fairfield Champion reports in detail and has spoken to all stakeholders:

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Integreat at the Digital Summit 2019 of the Federal Government

29. October 2019

At the invitation of the Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia we are in Dortmund since yesterday. We are one of 33 exhibitors at the Digital Summit of the Federal Government and have already exchanged ideas with exciting organisations. In addition to many federal ministers, representatives from business […]

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16th Integreat Conference in Augsburg

23. September 2019

Last weekend the 16th Integreat Conference took place in the new project room in Augsburg. On Friday the conference was opened with a small opening ceremony for the office, which was renovated at the beginning of the year. As at each of our quarterly conferences, the focus was on status updates on technical developments, important […]

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